Publishing in the GooglePlay and AppStore

After the publication of our free puzzle game on the Google Play and the AppStore, we have a desire to share experiences and impressions and to receive constructive comments and suggestions


At the time of release on Google Play, we wrote on several sites and forums about our game. This gave the first peak of downloads
Then our app was included in "Top of trending apps" in the Puzzles. After that all settled down at 150 downloads per day. The next peak was in 3 weeks — we are in the category "Like" to our main competitors — "Lazors" and "Dr. Laser". At that time we had 200 downloads per day.

The game has in-app purchases — you can 1) access next chapter without passing levels and 2) buy hints. The greatest user interest is exactly hints, especially the smallest package — 20 hints for $1. Also we added super-purchase from 10 to 15 dollars, which allows you to use unlimited hints.
An interesting observation is that improving the game, adding music, more complex levels, design changes, etc. do not improve the rating of the game and increase downloads, but increases the number of purchases. So.

We do not understand what a reason of the place in the ranking and consequently the number of downloads is ...
After many people downloaded our game and put good marks - the number of downloads per day rose to 1000 people. Good results we had by advertising in a variety of aggregators as the app of the day.
Now income per day is 10-25$.


Of course about the public. The majority of the public (30%) is from Russia (apparently developers from Russia focuses on their domestic market), then USA, Germany and other European countries plus Japan and Korea. Germany and the USA are far away from everyone as cash people.

Realizing that much depends on the icons and not having professional designer, we developed the icon themselves:


Another interesting moment: We spent a couple of days to make a promotional video, and then found that it is looking at a very small number of people that see application page. Was it worth?
A month after the release on Google Play, we decided to go out in the AppStore. Also with minimal advertising on several forums.

Our release looks like this:


First five days gave us 1.5K downloads, and 45$, and then it slowly went down to 30 downloads per day and 2$ per day.

The following decision was made: we removed the game from AppStore, finalized it and posted it with a new name. Now we have Game#2, but the results are the same.


At some time we decided to add to our game statistical analysis. We added Google Analytics (GA), using a plugin for Unity GoogleAnalyticsV3. The integration was not difficult.
We want to note that the data representation in the web interface GA is not a comfortable. I'm exporting the data in XLS file and work with it in Excel. Records in GA are possible only within the given boundaries.
If you want any serious analysis of user behavior, it is probably worth to use your server for statistics and to collect information in the desired format. Well, there are other services for statistics — the same Flurry. But we can not say anything.

This project was a first. We learned to work together, bumped our heads with Unity and Markets. In front we have a large and serious projects.


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